Opening Ceremony of the 2024 Vinatex’s Training Program

On July 4th, Vietnam National Textile and Garment Group (Vinatex) held the opening ceremony for the 2024 training program, conducted both in-person and online methods. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Cao Huu Hieu – Member of the Board of Directors, General Director of Vinatex, Mr. Pham Xuan Trinh – Executive Director of Vinatex, along with leaders and staff from various functional departments.

According to a report from Vinatex’s Human Resources Management Department, from 2021 to 2023, Vinatex implemented four key training programs: the Senior Management Training Program, the Middle Management Training Program, the Young Talent Training Program (two semesters), and the 2023 Internal Training Program. Additionally, there were direct training courses at member units. Over 500 participants attended these programs, establishing a learning culture within the Group, equipping participants with basic skills and foundational knowledge, and fostering connections among units within the Group.

Following the phase of mass training on general knowledge, in 2024, Vinatex will continue to implement specialized training in expertise, advanced management knowledge, and design programs to address significant issues within the enterprises of the Group. This will help participants apply the knowledge learned in their actual business operations. The 2024 training program includes Investment Project Management and Procurement Training, Legislation Training, Finance and Accounting Training, Yarn Production Management Training, Senior Leadership on Corporate Governance Training, and the third semester of the Vinatex Young Talent Training Program.

Participating in this training program are nearly 300 trainees from 16 units across the three regions of North, Central, and South Vietnam, with three training classes: Investment Project Management and Procurement, Legal Affairs, and Finance & Accounting.

Mr. Cao Huu Hieu – Member of the Board of Directors, General Director of Vinatex

Speaking at the program, Mr. Cao Huu Hieu, General Director of Vinatex, stated that over the past three years, especially during the phase of 2022-2023, Vinatex has built a vibrant learning culture, equipping participants with knowledge and skills in management and advanced technology on the world. The training programs have also developed an internal instructor team within the units and the Group, capable of teaching and sharing their experiences and knowledge with colleagues. The 2024 training program is built on the basic knowledge of previous courses, focusing on in-depth knowledge in three key areas: investment procurement, legal affairs, and financial accounting. In addition, instructors will also directly discuss investment and bidding processes and current legal regulations in the Yarn and Garment sectors. This foundation will help participants gain specialized knowledge in each field, and when the textile-garment market recovers, investment and bidding will become crucial tasks in each enterprise, capturing market opportunities. Additionally, addressing legal and regulatory affairs and the implementation of legal documents in enterprises is still limited, thus this is an opportunity for enterprises to review and develop legal documents in compliance with current regulations. The financial and accounting training program is designed to meet the specific needs of each enterprise, answering the question of “what the enterprise needs and wants” to operate stably and comply with legal regulations.

On behalf of the Group’s leadership, General Director Cao Huu Hieu acknowledged and highly appreciated the leadership of 16 units for facilitating their staff to participate in the Group’s training programs, despite the numerous challenges faced by the textile-garment industry in the past two years. The advancement and promotion of participants to higher positions have partly demonstrated the effectiveness and reliability of the training programs. The Group’s leadership hopes that unit leaders will create conditions for participants to maximize their capabilities, and continue to identify and train the next generation to join Vinatex’s training programs. Participants in the course are encouraged to focus, contribute ideas, and engage with instructors to build a dynamic, effective, and practical learning environment suitable for each enterprise’s production conditions.

The 2024 Vinatex’s Training Programs


Time: July 4 – July 26

Instructor: Experts in the field of investment from the Ministry of Construction/Leaders of the Investment and Development Department of Vinatex


  • Regulations related to investment activities and project management (Investment Law, Bidding Law, Project Management, Cost Management, and Quality Management)
  • Developing detailed feasibility reports – Investment in Yarn Factory
  • Developing detailed feasibility reports – Investment in Garment Factory
  • Procedures for managing construction investment projects
  • Cost Management, Quality Management of projects
  • Supervision and evaluation of investment activities
  • Guidelines for procedures and regulations on bidding


Time: August 1 – August 16

Instructors: Lecturers from Hanoi Law University / Leaders and specialists from Vinatex Legal Affairs Department


  • Policies and laws (Enterprise Law, tax policies, Securities Law, listing regulations, Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors, charters, corporate governance regulations, etc.)
  • How to effectively apply legal regulations in business activities
  • Building a system of regulations and rules suitable for the business model


Time: August 22 – September 6

Instructors: Internal instructors


  • Basics of financial statements
  • Identifying issues through financial statements
  • Measurement systems and analysis indicators
  • Practical financial statement analysis


Time: August – September 2024

Instructors: Experts in the Yarn sector


  • Cost management
  • Production management by stages
  • Risk management


Time: October 2024

Instructors: Group leaders


  • Identifying and expanding efficient production management models through the analysis of examples from the Yarn and Garment sectors
  • Identifying and forecasting market trends for 2025
  • Business solutions for the last months of 2024 and planning for 2025



  • Assessing and classifying students, grouping students by specialization
  • Specialized training according to subjects
  • Managing students after training at the unit level

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