Open letter

Chairman of the BOD


Dear Sirs (Madams),

During 25 years of development, Vietnam Textile and Garment Group has completed the task of being the main corporation who pioneered to open new markets, international integration, orientation to the whole textile and garment industry, contributing to get Vietnam Textile to be the key export economic sector of our country.

With the target to serve customers better, enrich our brand value based on customers’ satisfaction, Vinatex has become one of the top textile and garment manufacturers in Vietnam and Asia, enable to provide a full-service of clothing, fashion, high quality and environmental safety.

Owning the business units which have the greatest production capacity in Vietnam Textile and garment industry, Vinatex has the role of strategic planning and coordinated development, connecting its member units to strengthen the efficiency of the entire system.

With the notable and outstanding achievements since its founding time, Vietnam Textile and Garment Group has been honorably given prestigious awards by Vietnam President: Third Class Independence Medal in the year 2000, Ho Chi Minh Medal in 2005 and Gold Star Medal in 2010; The title Hero of Labor in the renovation period in 2015; was honored in the program “Glory Vietnam – Imprint 30 years of innovation” in 2017 thanks to its achievement of bringing Vietnamese brands to the world markets; its 6 member units and 8 people in its staff were awarded the title Hero of Labor in the innovating era; its 6 other member units won the title Hero of People’s Armed Forces, 16 years in a row of being awarded the Government Emulation Flag, and hundreds of medals for its teams and individuals.
This is our proud and respectful achievement of Vinatex’s generations of leaders, officials, employees and workers; representing the tradition of solidarity, hard work, creativity, enthusiasm and intelligence of hundreds of thousands workers in Vietnam Textile and Garment Group.

In the 5-years period (2015-2020), Vietnam Textile and Garment Group has been operating with the new model – equitized with stronger investment in finance, human resources, by the participation of some strong investors, including local and foreign ones. During this period, Vinatex will performs its historical role in the turning point for Vietnam Textile powerful development, by actively investing in weaving, dyeing and finishing, untie the knot to form the chain of complete supply, help to gain the added value and competitive advantage for the Group, reducing the proportion of importing raw materials, enhance the localization rate, reaching the export turnover over USD 3 billion/year.